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booking process and refunds

Check-in/check out:

We try and have rooms ready when guests arrive but occasionally people arrive on an early morning ferry for a room which is being vacated at 11.00 (check out time). If that happens we make guests comfortable in our reception until the room is ready which could be around noon if we don’t have a lot of rooms to prepare.


Making a booking, payment and refunds:

We make reservations without a deposit or prepayment because we trust our guests will come.

We ask Malaysian guests to confirm their booking by paying in full via bank transfer one week before arrival. If a guest has to cancel after payment has been made, we will try to take a replacement booking, in which case we will refund payment in full. If we are not able to replace a booking, we will not refund the payment.

It is difficult and expensive for us to accept international payments so international guests pay on arrival by Visa/MasterCard or cash. We trust our international guests to let us know if their travel plans change. 



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