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Photo history

Bamboo Hill never had a business plan but grew organically on the jungle hill. 1987: the rock on which we would eventually build today’s Sea and Sky Chalet #3.

There was a building where chalet #1 is now. It was started by two New Zealanders, Jeff and Case, and intended to be a bar but never finished. When I was pregnant with Ben I asked Zul to complete it so my father, new Grandad, could come and stay. It had no electricity so hurricane lamps were lit at dusk. It had a bathroom. There was no bridge across the stream so my father waded across.

Beach football is still played today, when the tide and sand allows. Today’s players are the children and grandchildren of these players.

The original ABC restaurant built in the early 1980s.

When I first visited in 1987 I stayed in an A-Frame hut. No electricity, no bathroom. There was a shower block with toilets but there were many spiders. Most guests showered in the river.

Inside an A frame. Mattress on the floor. Hurricane lamp in top left corner. Mains electricity arrived in 1994 when the central generator was built in Tekek.

Sea and Sky Chalet #3 was built in 1991 as two semi-detached rooms. It was renovated into the current two-room chalet in 2017. There is a newly planted bougainvillea which will, eventually, cover the hill.

1993: Rooms #4&5 are built.

Flying into Tekek in 1988. No development yet.

The path in Air Batang village. The only road was from the airport in Tekek to the resort which is now Berjaya Resort.

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