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eat: restaurants nearby

ABC Restaurant

We don’t have our own restaurant but ABC restaurant is 1 minute away.

Restaurants usually open for breakfast from 8am, serve lunch and then close from 3-7.30pm after which they open for dinner. ABC Restaurant opens earlier than the rest for dinner at around 6pm but their barbeque only starts around 8pm.

Last orders for food are around 9pm and generally restaurants close at 10pm.

There are 4 restaurants along the 10 minute walk to the jetty serving basic Asian food and western fare. For those seeking quality dining, Tioman will disappoint.

Some of the restaurants allow customers to bring in alcoholic drinks if bottles and cans are taken away after eating; alcohol is not served in any Air Batang restaurants. Because the restaurants are run by local families they can suddenly not be open if, for example, the family needs to visit a sick relative or there is a wedding. 

3. Kenyalang (used to be Hallo Bar) only opens late afternoon/early evening.

4. AF (More details coming soon

5. Fiqthya – details coming soon

6. Kupidessert is a cake shop near the jetty. Opens around midday and closes at sunset.

Sunset Corner pizza is open from 3pm onward (closed on Wednesdays).          

We are in the process of developing this page with more info on the restaurants with photos and menus. Coming soon. When that is done we will add a page on Tekek.

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